Keyword Explorer and Other Updates

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We've rolled out a range of new features and data to help make eRank's tools more useful for our members wherever they sell online. As of today, you will be able to tell where buyers are shopping, what they are shopping for, and when they are shopping.

New Marketplaces

With eRank's Keyword Explorer upgrades and new features, you can now also do keyword research for the following marketplaces: Etsy, Google Shopping, Amazon Handmade, Amazon, eBayFacebook Marketplace, and Pinterest. Imagine knowing what vintage items people are searching for on eBay; what pins are trending on Pinterest; what artisan-crafted items are hot on Amazon Handmade; and well, whatever you can think of on Amazon? Now you can! PRO members have gained access to Google Shopping and Amazon Handmade data, while eRank PRO+ members will also have access to Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Pinterest keyword data. And for a limited time, all eRank members can test out some of these features right here:


Click Data

We now have extensive click data for Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. This means that not only can we tell you what people are searching for on on those marketplaces, but we can now tell you if people are clicking on the search results! You'll also be able to see estimated Clicks and CTR (Click Through Rates) for millions of keywords. Think of Clicks and CTR as Engagement taken to a whole new level!

New Weekly Data

Sometimes (especially with fast-trending items and search terms) having monthly data isn't enough: you need to know what was happening just last week. With this in mind, Keyword Explorer now has weekly search volume data for Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. While we're really happy to have this for you, we also want to temper expectations: don't count on a lot of weekly data for niche and long tail keywords. This really is most useful for broad keywords and products.

New Regional Data

We've now added Etsy keyword search data for buyers searching from the UK, France, Germany, and Australia. When combined with US buyer data, we estimate this represents 90-95% of all Etsy buyers worldwide. We are excited about this addition to eRank too -- but again, we want to make sure we are clear about the limitations here. Because Etsy is still not well known outside of the US, there is not a lot of keyword data available for those markets. You should expect gaps in the data, especially for long tail keywords. We know Etsy is doing a great job growing internationally, and we anticipate that over the next year we'll see more and more international keyword data become available. (Tip: if you aren't already selling to the US, you should be!)


eRank's new Keyword Explorer

Other Upgrades

The Listing Audit, Keyword Tool, Bulk Keyword Tool, Compare Keywords, Competitor Tags, Rank Checker, and Trend Buzz features all got updated too with lots of new data.

eRank PRO+

eRank PRO+ isn't quite ready to release yet, so as a teaser we're giving PRO members access to some of the PRO+ features. Heck, since we love all of our wonderful members, even those on the Standard plan can also get a taste of the new Keyword Explorer for the next week or so. Enjoy!

About our data

Etsy and other marketplaces do not disclose their keyword search and click volumes. We get our data from a leading 3rd party data analytics company that is trusted and used by many Fortune 500 companies. To ensure the highest possible accuracy, the search volume, click, and click-through rates are based on the search behavior of millions of opt-in panelists. While great effort goes into making sure these numbers are as accurate as possible, they should always be considered estimates. The numbers reported here may differ from what other companies provide due to different data collection methodologies and data providers.



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