Look Back Trend Report: May 2019

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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms were on Etsy this time last year? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and the timing of your product-line launches with a look back in April 2020 to what keywords and products were trending a year ago in May 2019.


Most Searched Keywords on Etsy for May 2019

1.       Mothers Day Gift

2.       Game of Thrones

3.       Fathers Day Gift

4.       Enamel Pin

5.       Wedding Dress

6.       Dungeons and Dragons

7.       Avon

8.       Girls Spring Dress

9.       Staffordshire China

10.    Graduation Gift

11.    Personalized Gifts For Dad

12.    Embroidery Designs

13.    BTS

14.    Art Deco

15.    Pokemon

16.    Brooches And Pins In Fushia

17.    Mothers Day Personalized

18.    Crochet

19.    80s Tee

20.    Fathers Day

* As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms

Late shoppers and early shoppers started and ended the Top 20 in May 2019, seeking Mother’s Day gifts ASAP lol, and lots of shopping for Father’s Day, too, with entries for Dad taking three of the top slots.

May 2019’s No. 2 prompts our fond recall of the halcyon days before that Game of Thrones ending (sigh). And as usual, quite a few slots in the Top 20 were taken by big brands, games, and bands.

Fourth-place holder Enamel Pin at 145,397 searches was actually down from its high of 246,911 for the year in March. By December 2019 it had skidded down to 57,006 (it’s recovered a bit since, standing at 68,852 now). But in checking eRank’s Keyword Explorer, we can see that for the first nine months of 2018, Enamel Pin ranged from a low of 44,801 in February to a high of 95,917 that May, and didn’t begin its crazy climb until October 2018 with 130,814, and its high that December of 189,074. Enamel Pin has made an interesting study for us here at eRank in trend watching. Still enormously popular with ardent collectors galore, we predict that we will see Enamel Pin in the Top 1000 Etsy Searches for some time to come.

May 2019’s Top 20 had a nice showing by Etsy Vintage shoppers. The trend for Art Deco as a search term was at a two-year height in popularity, as was 80s Tee. The search taking seventh place in the Top 10, Avon, likely was for vintage collectibles (in a search on Etsy performed at the time of this writing, 40,493 of the 42,223 searches for Avon were in Vintage). Contrast that with May 2019’s sixth-place Dungeons and Dragons. While some may have been for vintage collectible D&D wares, in a search done today, fewer than 2% appeared to be for vintage D&D. Good news for Vintage sellers is indicated by the popularity of May 2019’s ninth place Staffordshire China – founded in 2000, the earliest pieces will now qualify to be sold on Etsy as Vintage. On the other hand, that high of 101,876 searches in May a year ago appears to have been what we data geeks here at eRank call a “spike.” According to Keyword Explorer, Staffordshire China didn’t even chart in all of 2018, then came out of nowhere to begin climbing last April, spiked in May, then slid back down to negligible numbers again from July 2019 to the present day. Remarkable, really. Will it climb back up again once it becomes Vintage?


Altogether, we had three Vintage searches in May 2019’s Top 20 which were sudden, out-of-the-blue spikes that reached the peak of the Top 1000 searches, then sank just as abruptly back down. Looking back now on those three – Art Deco (shown above, with 2019 in blue, and 2020 in red); 80s Tee; Staffordshire China – we’d love to hear your theories if you’d care to share; please feel free to start a thread in eRank’s Facebook group if you’d like to discuss what you make of this “spike” phenomenon.

Speaking of spikes, another oddity is at No. 16: Brooches And Pins In Fushia. How the everloving heck does something so specific (and so misspelled) get such a whopping 85,367 searches all in one month?! Another imponderable.

Over on the more safely-predictable end, trends from May 2019 in the Top 20 searches included seasonal entries. Along with gifts for Mom and Dad, we had Wedding Dress; Girls Spring Dress; and Graduation Gift.

Wedding Dress with 135,697 searches was higher in May 2019 than it would be again for the rest of the year, but surprisingly, that peak in May was lower than its previous peak in January 2019 of 149,276 searches. And the peak for Wedding Dress searches in 2018 occurred in October that year, with what turned out to be a 2-year high of 160,568 searches. Were people just shopping earlier for June weddings back then?


Girls Spring Dress had 116,017 searches in May 2019 (along with #28-ranked Girls Dresses with 68,169 searches, and a peak for that year of 8,698 searches for Girls Dress). Overall, it appears that the market for girls dresses soars in April and May annually -- at least it has for the past two years.

Along with May 2019’s 100,744 searches for Graduation Gift, all things predictable for late Spring and early Summer annually may be different this year given current events. Hopefully though, we will still see plenty of searches for gifts on Etsy. We’ll be back with a report on those for Spring 2020 next week.


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