Most Searched Keywords on Etsy

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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO.

Top 20 Most Searched Keywords on Etsy for June 2020

1.        face mask

2.        fathers day gift

3.        personalized gifts

4.        wall decor

5.        mask

6.        black lives matter

7.        face mask washable

8.        masks

9.        self care

10.      outdoor

11.      face mask with filter

12.      craft kits

13.      face masks

14.      stickers

15.      fathers day

16.      earrings

17.      black lives matter svg

18.      harry styles

19.      black owned shops

20.      svg

* As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms

June 2020’s Climbers


Wow! That is wall decor, ranking 4th in Etsy’s Top 20 Searches for June 2020. That is a remarkable climb indeed! Look below at March; it was actually a bit lower than March 2019.


By June 2020 though, searches for wall decor had soared to 189,550. Compared with where it was in June 2019 (15,627 searches) that is an increase of 1,112.96%. Wow is right!

Other notables new to the Top 20

Ranked 6th and 17th, two entries for black lives matter, plus a related search in the Top 20, black owned shops. Here is the Market Trends chart for Amazon, Etsy, Google Shopping, eBay, and Pinterest. Searches for black lives matter in June for the top three marketplaces: Amazon, 358,090; Pinterest, 257,070; Etsy, 129,464.


Another newcomer to the Top 20: self care, ranked 9th. Note that the base line you see doesn’t mean negligible search volume leading up to May. For all of 2019 volume was fairly steady, from a low of 1,208 to December 2019’s 5,219. Then, beginning in January 2020 it did bottom out to near zero until April when it perked up a bit (869 searches), then up to 2,411 in May, and in June: a very healthy 112,180 searches – crikey, that’s an increase of 9,186.42%!

For those unfamiliar, self care goes beyond just pampering; it is anything we choose to do to support our own mental, emotional, and physical health. Type self care into Etsy’s search bar and see what comes up. From overnight oats to essential oils, candles to coloring books, exercise and yoga gear to lingerie. Could any of your items be classified as self care? If not, could you make some? We are betting that this trend may well last through the holidays.



Look at what’s in tenth place on our Top 20: outdoor. Well, that’s curiously unspecific, eh? Over a million results on Etsy.


Let’s have a look in Keyword Explorer, shall we?


Interesting! Here we see that on Amazon (the black line), outdoor peaked back in April and that was quite a jump compared to April 2019, an increase there of 302.4%, Year on Year (YoY). On Etsy, outdoor had a bit of a peak last year, June to August, but like Amazon, YoY it is up, and by more: 557%, and even surpassing Amazon for search volume in June: on Amazon, there were 94,310 searches for outdoor. On Etsy, there were 112,048. So: got anything outdoor-sy? Fit it into a tag or two. And maybe make a note to self in your keyword tickler file that you probably should do so every year beginning in April or even March -- be an annual early adopter!

Another firecracker: craft kits. Taking 12th place in our Top 20 Searches on Etsy in June, it is another one that did not even rank in the Top 1000 searches last month. Yet here we see that in June it burst onto the scene with 107,697 searches, up from 1,943 just a month ago, and 1,797 YoY. Supply sellers, we know you’ve got this. But makers out there, you too could get in on this trend. Consider offering your designs as kits.


Keyword of the Month

We’ll leave you with one to watch: cottagecore.

See you back here in a month! Meanwhile, let’s talk about it – join us on Facebook!

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