Most Searched Keywords on Etsy

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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO, reporting what keywords and products were climbing upward on Etsy this past month, and which were sliding back down.

Most Searched Keywords on Etsy for October 2019

  1. Halloween
  2. Halloween Costume
  3. Halloween Decor
  4. Opal
  5. Unique Halloween
  6. Bridesmaid Gift
  7. Halloween SVG
  8. Christmas Decorations
  9. Holiday Decor
  10. Christmas SVG
  11. Slime
  12. Wall Art
  13. Fire Emblem Three Houses
  14. Enamel Pin
  15. Dungeons and Dragons
  16. Harry Potter
  17. Holiday Accessories
  18. Earrings
  19. Fall Decor
  20. Turquoise
  21. Wedding Dress
  22. Lingerie
  23. Tarot Deck
  24. Dawn Doll
  25. Rustic Halloween

*As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms

"Halloween" search trend for 2018-2019.

Halloween taking the top three spots is no surprise; altogether, the word Halloween appeared 27 times in the Top 1000 Etsy Searches for October 2019. Compared with September’s six, more of the Top 25 in October were seasonal-related, taking up 11 spots. Searches containing the word Holiday appeared four times in October’s Top 1000, one of which ranked in the Top Ten (ninth-place Holiday Décor). Compare that with September, when Holiday appeared just once: again Holiday Décor, at #160.

Now that eRank has data for Amazon, Amazon Handmade, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Google Shopping, and Pinterest to compare with Etsy’s, how market share shifts across categories and keywords can be so surprising – and worth noting for those of you who sell across several platforms.


"Halloween" search trend for the last 15 months across Amazon, Etsy, Google Shopping, Amazon Handmade, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Pinterest.

For instance, big as Halloween is on Etsy, Amazon dwarfs it: 203,414 searches compared with Etsy’s 44,189. In fact both Facebook Marketplace and eBay have a bigger slice of the pumpkin-spice pie for Halloween than Etsy. On the other hand, when we look at Gift: Etsy’s search count is 88,459 compared with Amazon’s 44,401, followed by eBay’s distant third-place showing with 1,869.

What most gobstruck us in terms of market share was Facebook Marketplace reigning supreme for -- of all things -- Wedding! Facebook Marketplace dominated with 59,421 searches vs Amazon’s 45,012 vs Etsy’s 35,449 vs eBay’s 6,023.

Where eBay’s far in the lead was another surprise: Gemstone. Really? eBay? Yes, both for the past 12 months overall, and also in October when eBay had 10,410 searches for Gemstone, followed by Etsy’s 4,047, Amazon’s 3,890, with the remaining three not even charting. Interesting!

And other shock: eBay also leads for One of a Kind! By quite a lot: 1,771 searches, followed by Amazon with a paltry 657, then Etsy’s 544, which is only a bit higher than Facebook Marketplace in fourth place with 499.

Returning to our Top 25 now, Christmas Decorations leaping from #291 in September to #8 in October was not unexpected. So instead, let’s turn to non-seasonal items. Comparing September’s Top 25 Searches on Etsy, only four (Bridesmaid Gift; Earrings; Wedding Dress; and Tarot Deck) carried over to October’s Top 25. Three that didn’t were September’s #22 Chunky Knit; 24th-ranked Celestial Jewelry; and #25 Cat Wreath. Weirdly, all three vanished without a trace from charting anywhere in October’s Top 1000 Searches. What the heck? (For other surprising Sliders, see “What’s Sliding”, below.)

What’s Climbing?


"Slime" search trend for 2018-2019.

Slime is back in the Top 25! Ranked down at #46 in September with 33,700 searches, in October Slime garnered 56,537 searches, rising to 11th place. But for our eRank Slimers we must note that from its 15-month peak a year ago of 152,846 searches, Slime is still down by 63%.

Enamel Pin also continued to inch back up, from 32nd place in September to ranking 14th in October. Like Slime though, that’s considerably down from Enamel Pin’s peak this year. March 2019 saw 246,911 searches, compared with October’s 54,872, a 77% decrease.

Another search recovering from a drop in September -- and somewhat unexpectedly for us -- was Turquoise. Always popular in summer as a color, we anticipated both its September fall, and to see it begin to rise again as we got closer to December (Turquoise is December’s birthstone). But we were surprised that it’s already begun its climb, up from September’s #50 with 33,107 searches, to ranking at #20 in October with 46,221, an increase of 39.6%.

Wall Art is also back up from a bit of a dip in September – and with eRank’s trend features, we can see that it had a comparable drop back in September 2018. Huh! Ranking 12th on our list, Wall Art is up 63% from September 2019 and also 16% higher Year-on-Year (YoY) compared with October 2018. And from those 56,109 searches it had last month, Wall Art garnered 15,384 clicks – that’s a worthy Click Through Rate (CTR) of 27%.

For you Vintage curators, we have the adorable Dawn Doll soaring from September’s 58th-ranked (31,513 searches) to make October’s Top 25, ranking in 24th place with 44,812 searches. Given that Dawn Dolls were made for just three years some 45 years ago, isn’t that somewhat astonishing? A year ago in October, there were only 4,592 searches for Dawn Doll. YoY, that’s a jump of 875.9%! Got Dawn Dolls, anyone?

What’s Sliding?


"Pressed Flower" search trend for 2018-2019.

Unique Gift ranked 10th in September with 61,540 searches. In October? Gone! Nowhere in the Top 1000. While Unique Gift did indeed drop from Etsy’s Top 1000, given that it currently has 5,733 searches, 1,679 clicks, and a 29% CTR, it is still a worthy choice.

Trendy Pressed Flower appeared to be another slider. From September’s 6th-ranked with a dizzying 94,143 searches, in October it slid to #799 of the Top 1000. On closer examination we can see September was actually a spike. Perhaps it was being promoted by Etsy? October’s search count (6,743) is not shockingly lower than August’s (7,838). Pressed Flower is in fact a good example of why it is always wise to check eRank’s trend graph for any keyword you are considering. While Pressed Flower’s “Average Searches” is a promising 15,362 for the past 12 months, much of that was actually due to that one mad spike in September, and the little trend graphs right beside each keyword show us at a glance that something’s up!

Another two sliders: Leather Tote and Leather Bags, which both were top-10 Climbers in September’s Trend Report, ranking in 7th and 8th place with 87,247 and 79,976 searches respectively. Leather Tote appears to have been yet one more of September’s spikes, having dropped completely from October’s Top 1000. (Might that spike have been due to back to school / college purchasing?) Leather Bags does still rank in October but dropping like a rock from 8th down to 394th place. In fact the first mention of anything leather in October was Leather Journal ranked at #93 with 22,522 searches. Notably though, Leather Journal has a CTR of 47.6%: decent!

Random Observations and Overall Trends

All things Ring and Earring-related were up! Appearing in 64 of September’s Top 1000 keywords, in October they climbed to make 76 appearances in the Top 1000.


"Opal" search trend for 2018-2019.

And Opal! Opal is one of October’s two birthstones (alongside Tourmaline, which didn’t chart at all). But Opal seems to be having a moment in the sun. Appearing 10 times in the Top 1000, its closest rival is Turquoise with 5 appearances, and Pearl with 4. Citrine and Topaz, November’s birthstones, had only 2 and 1 searches, so: surprisingly few early shoppers for November birthdays.

Another curiosity is that people don’t appear to be shopping by color name as much as we assumed they did. Of the Top 1000 Searches, only white (white blouse); black (black wedding dress); black and white (black and white prints) and red (red truck) ranked at all.

And finally: there were ten times as many searches for Dog than Soap.

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