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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO, reporting what keywords and products are climbing upward on Etsy this month, and which are sliding back down.

Most Searched Keywords on Etsy: August 2019

August can be a challenge for everyone except sellers of Back to School supplies, it seems. Yet, some sellers continued to grow their shops and prosper: were they on top of these trends?

Top 10 Searches

  1. fire emblem three houses
  2. enamel pin
  3. tarot deck
  4. halloween
  5. halloween decor
  6. gifts
  7. wedding dress
  8. raw stone
  9. cat wreath
  10. bridesmaid gift

TIP: Check out the Top 100 Etsy Keywords for August 2019.

Top of the list is “Fire Emblem: Three Houses.” That’s a role-playing game, published worldwide by Nintendo on July 26, 2019. Fire Emblem’s the hot new thing, but for those of us without a license from Nintendo, it’s off-limits for Vintage, Supplies, and Handmade sellers, so enough about that!

Enamel Pin is runner up. These have been trending since 2016: "The perfect instagramable accessory," inexpensive, collectible, fun: what’s not to love? (As always, caveat venditor -- beware of IP issues with images used to make them.)

In third place is Tarot Deck. All things Tarot have also been trending since 2016, especially with millennials. “Tarot” and “Tarot Cards” sit just outside the top 100, and “Tarot Bag” and “Tarot Card Deck” are around the middle of the top 1000. Can you find a way to tap into the magic, perhaps with visual art (“Wall Art” ranks a very respectable 19th on the list), or “digital wall art”? Vintage sellers, keep your eye out for vintage Tarot cards and books. Suppliers, perhaps you can work Tarot into scrapbooking supplies, or even giftwrap or party themes? What about Halloween costumes, fellow Creatives? Quite a few of the Major Arcana would make great costumes!

Industrial Lighting is just outside August’s Top Ten. (Guess that Maximalism trend hasn’t penetrated all décor tastes yet!)

Just for fun, let’s also look at Number 9, Cat Wreaths, with 60,683 searches in August. Huh! “Cat Wreaths” struck us as strangely specific, so we did a bit of digging. For last month, July 2019, Cat Wreaths had 45,079 searches, so it’s a Climber, alright. But! a bit more digging revealed that Cat Wreaths are actually down from Feb 2019 when they were searched 84,557 times. Also (another “Huh!”), Cat Wreaths were very low (210 searches) on Google that same month. For July 2019 there were only 260 Google searches for Cat Wreaths. Also notable: while Cat Wreaths spiked to 1,000 on Google earlier this summer, it was only in the USA. Hmmm. Perhaps a Black Cat Wreath for the US market might cover both the cat wreath Etsy craze and Halloween décor buyers! Because Halloween is already at Number 4 of all searches for August. Count on Halloween to claw its way up rapidly now.

What's climbing?

"cat wreath" is trending up year-on-year.

Along with Cat Wreaths and as expected, all things Fall and Back to School, our analysis revealed that “Raw Stone” is worth your notice if you sell supplies or make jewelry. (For those not in those categories, “Raw Stone” refers to a rock or mineral that has not been in a rock tumbler much beyond what’s enough to take its sharp edges off.) This was a trend that first peaked on Etsy last September, with 24,951 searches. What’s curious is that throughout the 15 months shown in eRank’s Keyword Explorer, “raw stone” searches on Google were near flat throughout the same period. So, this appears to be another one of those unique-to-Etsy trends. Searches on Etsy last month (July 2019) for Raw Stone totaled 11,880. In August, they shot up to 63,736 – that’s well over double the all-time high for the past 15 months.

Colors are always important to monitor. Have you ever noticed that Fall is unique among the four seasons in that it reliably repeats the same identical palette? Year on year: foliage colors from warm reds to marigold to deep pine green are on trend. It’s just the color names that seem to change. Pinterest is predicting that greens by various names but all in the Guacamole-green range will be trending.

And what’s the deal with Dice? In July, there were 24,457 searches for “Dice” on Etsy. (On Google, there were 135,000.) In August there were 53,506 searches for Dice on Etsy, which was close to double the previous month’s. And searches in the top 1000 for Dice Set and D&D Dice, and Dice Tower, Dice Bag, Tray, and Box. Vintage sellers, dig through your stashes. Designers: perhaps you can find ways to incorporate dice motifs in your creations. While Dungeons and Dragons is IP you’ll want to steer clear of unless you have a license, Etsy’s showing “elvin dice” – that might be safe to use, but as ever, check the USPTO database first to be sure.

What's Sliding?

Turquoise! Turquoise was Number One, first place, just last month. And for August? The first mention of Turquoise is Turquoise Bracelet, ranking all the way down at #43. That’s a precipitous drop! But Turquoise, just as a color, is a perennial favorite for Summer, and probably will not climb back up until closer to mid-November, when birthstone jewelry items are purchased for December birthday gifts.

Slime has continued its slippery slide: from 58,075 in July to 53,016 in August. Compared to a year ago in August when Slime ranked Fourth in the Top 10 at 111,600 searches for the month, there’s no denying it. Slime makers, keep your eye on eRank’s Trend Buzz reports to try to spot and catch the next wave.

"personalized" is trending down year-on-year.

The Big News might be Personalized. A year ago in August, Personalized was Number One, with 222,045 searches. Just last month, July 2019, Personalized ranked #19 with 45,224 searches, and Personalized Jewelry ranking at #38. Back in June, ranking at #7 we had Personalized Gifts for Dad at 59,685 searches, which seemed respectable.

But Wow! In August 2019, the first appearance of Personalized is in 171st place, and it’s for “Doormat Personalized,” with 14,460 searches. Yikes! We’ll be keeping a close eye on this, and for all of you riding the Personalized trend, we encourage you to do the same.

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Top Etsy Keywords August 2019


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