Most Searched Keywords on Etsy

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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO, reporting what keywords and products were climbing upward on Etsy this past month, and which were sliding back down...

Most Searched Keywords on Etsy for November 2019

1.       Personalized Gift

2.       Gift for Her

3.       Ornaments

4.       Jewelry

5.       Home

6.       Gifts

7.       Baby Yoda

8.       Men's Gifts

9.       Pokémon

10.   Leather Bags

11.   Christmas Svg

12.   Ugly Holiday Sweater

13.   Holiday Decor

14.   Christmas Decorations

15.   Christmas Stocking

16.   Christmas Ornaments

17.   Christmas

18.   Nativity Set

19.   Star Wars

20.   Harry Potter

* As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms


"personalized gift" search trend on Etsy for 2018-2019. 

No surprise that all things Christmas and gift-related were in the spotlight. Out of Etsy’s Top 1000 Keywords in November, “Christmas” appeared in 77 of them! And another 19 top search terms contained “Holiday”. “Gift” and “Gifts” took up a further 82. “Ornament” and “Ornaments” were in 22; “Stocking” had 14 mentions. Others that were overtly holiday-related with multiple entries in the Top 1000: Tree; Wreath; Decoration(s); Nativity; and Advent Calendar. And “Ugly Holiday/Christmas Sweater” took five of the seven mentions of Sweater on the list.

A striking observation for November: more keywords were more specific than in any recent month. For example, along with the usual high number of Dog-related searches (12), there were more breed-specific searches than usual (they were Dachshund; Boston Terrier; Scottie; German Shepherd; and Corgi).

Also up, the overall count of searches for animals by type (Sloth; Elephant; Octopus; Llama; Dinosaur; Rabbit; Squirrel; Skunk; Penguin; Owl; Fox; Horse; Bird; Chipmunk; Deer).

There were also way more searches for specific gemstones in the Top 1000 in November than in previous months. We expected searches for November’s two birthstones -- Citrine (4) and Topaz (3), and for December’s Turquoise, as well as for “birthstone” itself. Typically, we might see three or four gemstones mentioned by name in the Top 1000. This November though, searches by gem name were up at least 100% over recent months, including some stones that are obscure. In order by number of search-term mentions: Opal; Garnet; Pearl; Moonstone; and Morganite. With one entry each, in order by their Top-1000 rank: Plume Agate, ranked #149; Ocean Jasper; Larimar; Amethyst; Emerald; Ruby; Peridot; Celestite; Labradorite; Rose Quartz; and Sapphire, down at #799.

We theorize that the reason for the increase in these three particular sets of specific searches is, in a word: gifts. Shoppers are seeking what their loved ones love -- their mother-in-law collects owls; their niece has gone dinosaur-mad; their workmate has a corgi; their sister has just discovered larimar or labradorite.

Now, as we do each month, let’s turn to notable Climbers, followed by the Sliders.

November’s Climbers


"whimsical" search trend on Etsy for 2018-2019. 

Wow: way out in front in terms of a “zero-to-60” rise is Whimsical. From 20 searches in May, Whimsical floundered along the bottom of the graph, barely registering with 20 or fewer searches, and at zero in October. Then: zoom it shot up to 9,130 in November! What the huh? Reviewing its 15-month history in eRank’s Keyword Explorer, we see Whimsical went from zero to a similar spike of 6,010 searches back in January, then went flat again until another one-month spike to 3,063 in April, then flat again. So: probably not a good bet overall, keyword selection-wise, unless you like a gamble.

Surprisingly active, too: Sloth. From a previous high of 42,245 searches back in Oct 2018, Sloth slid to a low of 3,196 in Aug 2019. But next it leapt to more than double that – 6684 searches -- in September; snoozed through October; then startled us by zooming up to 21,244 in November! Of that, 11,984 searches were in a single week, the final week of November.

Sloth’s animal brethren Climbers in the Top 1000 were Skunk Figurines; Owls; Bunny Rabbit Figurines (strangely specific, right?); Penguin Gift; Dachshund. Plus one reptile: Dinosaur.

Cutting Board appeared in seven search terms in November. That was up from two appearances in October, when the first mention was ranked at #488, and along with Custom Cutting Board, garnered a total of just 15,961 searches. In November, first-mention Personalized Cutting Boards ranked twice as high on the list at #233, and together with the other six searches containing “cutting board,” there were a total of 77,643 searches – a jump in just one month of 386%.

And OK Boomer. Making its first-ever appearance in October with 606 searches, nowhere near October’s Top 1000, OK Boomer’s now all up in our face lol – it ranks in November’s Top 100 at #80 with 34,765 searches. This abrupt rise is second only to that of Baby Yoda’s (for more about him, see eRank’s Black Friday Trend Report, here: Black Friday Trend Report.

November’s Sliders


"unicorn" search trend on Etsy for 2018-2019. 

Unicorn had 37,149 searches back in November 2018; this November, there were only 9,344 searches, a 75% decrease. While searches rose from a low of 4,360 in September, Unicorn’s decline looks undeniable. (But put yours in storage; Unicorns always come back.)

Both a climber and a slider is Sea Glass. While it is back up, rallying from a low in October of 1,940 searches, to 7,212 in November (that’s a 272% increase!), Sea Glass is still down Year on Year (YoY) from its high of 11,666 a year ago. Conversely, its synonym Beach Glass is up remarkably YoY, from 20 searches back in Nov 2018 to 888 in Nov 2019, a whopping 4340% increase! Nevertheless, that’s still down from a high of 4,256 back in Mar 2019.

At first glance, Pressed Flower looks like a Slider, down from September’s high of 94,143 to 21,241 in November. But actually, that September rank was another of those crazy spikes we see in these monthly trend analyses. Back in Sep 2018, Pressed Flower had just 2,394 searches. So, Sep 2019’s figure is an OMG increase of 3832%! And ranking in Nov 2019’s Top 1000 at #186 indicates interest is still strong.

French Pendant is a bit of an odd case. A slider, from its #103 rank in October’s Top 1000 it dropped down to 605th place in November. There were 21,663 searches for French Pendant in October, compared with 9,867 in November. Still, that’s up from a year ago in November, when it had 6,388 searches. What is odd about French Pendant is that we have no idea what a French Pendant is – a jewelry item, or a type of lighting fixture? (Google Images and Etsy show both.) Whichever it is (or both?), while down MoM, it’s still on trend compared with a year ago.

Random Observations and Overall Trends

As we shared last month, here are some random observations and fun facts drawn from this month’s analysis.

Mandalorian (five mentions) and Star Wars (three) beat out Star Trek’s single showing in November’s Top 1000 Etsy Searches – and that’s without Baby Yoda, who would add two more to Mandalorian’s five, not to mention his appearance in the Top Ten.

In Styles, there were seven singled out by name. In order by rank, high to low: Deco -Handmade (i.e., antique Art Deco) at #229; Steampunk; Goth; Art Deco; Cyberpunk; Boho; 40s (the only decade referenced); Pastel Goth; and Art Nouveau ranking at #966.

Metals (jewelry): only two metals made the Top 1000. We were surprised that Gold was in the lead. Gold had five mentions, beginning with Gold Lockets at #148 with 24,153 searches. Silver had three mentions, beginning with Sterling Silver Earrings at #570, with 10,187 searches.

Sign is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon! For the single word “sign” alone there were 6,709 searches in Nov 2019, up from 1,524 a year ago. And search terms containing either “sign” or “signs” figured in nine of the Top 1000 Etsy Searches for November, led by Porch Sign ranked at #102.


"sign" search trend on Etsy for 2018-2019. 

The remarkable thing about Wreath is not the seven mentions it got in this Top 1000, nor how well it ranked, beginning at #21, with Holiday Wreath. What is striking is how steady (and high) Wreath has ranked over the past 15 months, reaching even higher than November’s 19,798 searches back in March (29,417), and again in July (21,880)!  And that’s just for the generic “wreath.” So many wreaths! From Cat Wreath to Yarn Wreath – there are even Wreath Signs: two trends in one!

One last general observation regarding November’s Top 1000 Etsy Searches: while there were 11 mentions of Family, there was only one for Sale. (Black Friday Sale, at #33.) Free Shipping didn’t make the Top 1000. Nor did Discount, or Coupon. Pay yourself, people: you’re worth it.

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