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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO, reporting what keywords and products were climbing upward on Etsy this past month, and which were sliding back down.

Most Searched Keywords on Etsy for September 2019

  1. Halloween
  2. Personalized Jewelry
  3. Halloween Decor
  4. Fall Decor
  5. Sapphire
  6. Pressed Flower
  7. Leather Tote
  8. Leather Bags
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses
  10. Unique Gift
  11. Gifts
  12. Bridesmaid Gift
  13. Earrings
  14. Halloween Stained Glass
  15. Pokemon
  16. Halloween Svg
  17. Engagement Ring
  18. Harry Potter
  19. Wedding Dress
  20. Tarot Deck
  21. Dice
  22. Chunky Knit
  23. Autumn Jewelry
  24. Celestial Jewelry
  25. Cat Wreath

*As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms

Halloween "Halloween" search trend for 2018-2019.

In September, we expected to see the annual favorites, beginning with Halloween, of course. And indeed, Halloween was literally in 1st place. All things Halloween appeared four times in the Top 25, and a total of 28 times in the Top 1000 Etsy Searches for September.

Sapphire is September’s birthstone so seeing it in 5th place is no surprise.

Autumn-related items began their annual climb, leading with Fall Décor in 4th place. Autumn Jewelry is at No. 23, and Chunky Knit in 22nd place.

Unique Gift, ranked 10th, is interesting. As a search term, it didn’t appear at all in August’s Top 1000. Using eRank’s Keyword Explorer to check back over the past 15 months, “Unique Gift” as a search didn’t even register as a blip until August 2018 when it was scraping the bottom of eRank’s Keyword Explorer graph with 990 searches. In September last year, searches for Unique Gift didn’t even register on the graph. It floundered along the bottom of the graph, rising a bit to 620 searches in November 2018, back to zilch in December, 10 in January. All-time high for the 15-mos period was in April 2019 with 1540 searches, followed by another zilch the very next month, and on through to August’s 180 searches. Then, out of nowhere, we see Unique Gift tearing it up to 61,550! Curious! (Worth checking to see whether you can rank for it?)

The word Gift appears in search terms three times, all in a row -- “Unique Gift” in 10th place; “Gifts” in 11th, followed by “Bridesmaid Gift” in 12th -- in our current Top 25 searches this month, and 42 times in the Top 1000. And Christmas as a search term is already rising, appearing a total of 14 times in September’s Top 1000 (up from four appearances in August).

Others that made the Top Ten back in August -- Tarot Deck, Fire Emblem, Wedding Dress, Cat Wreath, Bridesmaid Gift, Gifts, Engagement Ring – are all still somewhere in this month’s Top 25. Two that are not however are Enamel Pin, (2nd place last month), and Industrial Lighting (10th place in August). For more on those, see What’s Sliding, below.

What’s Climbing?

Personalized Jewelry "Personalized Jewelry" search trend for 2018-2019.

Personalized Jewelry is back! It’s taken 2nd place with 174,430 searches, very close behind Halloween’s 179,330, after having quite a notable dip in both August and Year-on-Year.

(In fact “Personalized” made our short list of Sliders in last month’s Trend Report, when it was down -37041 compared to the previous month, and the first mention of “Personalized” was for “Doormat, Personalized” down in 171st place of the Top 1000 Etsy Searches for August 2019.)

Well, that was then and this is now: the word “Personalized” appeared a dozen times in September’s Top 1000, mostly associated with gift items (Personalized Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Baby Gifts). Other Personalized entries that might give you Makers new product ideas: Personalized Décor, Personalized Leather, Personalized Ornaments, Personalized Scarf. Given that the holidays are fast approaching (and with “Gifts” appearing three times in the Top 25), all things Personalized may maintain its recovery; we’ll be watching it closely and will keep you posted!

And Leather! Leather Bags began climbing in the final week of September, and altogether, Leather-this* and Leather-that made 10 appearances in the Top 1000 Etsy Searches for the month. Compare that with last month: Leather’s first appearance in August’s Top 1000 was Leather Bag at #750. Leather Tote and Leather Bags, ranking 7th and 8th in September’s Top Ten, didn’t even place in the Top 1000 in August. And a year ago in September, the first appearance of Leather in the Top 1000 searches was at #77, for Leather Bags. Leather Tote was down at #214 with 14,590 searches, compared to this September’s 87,250 – that’s a YoY increase of 83%!

(* For those interested, the full list of Leather items in the Etsy Top 1000, in descending order: Leather Tote; Leather Bags, Personalized Leather; Leather; Leather Earrings, Leather Wallet; Leather Journal; Men’s Leather Backpack; Leather Bracelet; Faux Leather Sheets; Leather Jacket; Men’s Leather Bracelet.)

Sixth place Pressed Flower is another phenom, up this month by 86,300 (91.6% increase) over August. In our Climbers ranking for September, it sits in 4th place overall, with Pressed Flower Jewelry ranking 38th on our Climbers list, up by 16,320 over August.

And wowzer! Look at Tech Accessories go! From 3,890 in August to 35,880 a month later! That’s an 89% increase.

What’s Sliding?

Raw Stone "Raw Stone" search trend for 2018-2019.

Steepest and fastest Slide of the Month goes to Raw Stone. The jewelry makers and suppliers will have noticed the recent trend for jewelry made with rough, unpolished stones in their most natural state. Might that ride be over? Raw Stone had 51,820 fewer searches compared with August, when it ranked No 20 in the Top 1000, with 63,750 searches. In September it sank to #315 like a, well, like a stone, (sorry!) down to 11930 searches – an 81% drop. (For a Year-on-Year comparison, in September 2018 Raw Stone ranked #74 in the Top 1000, with 24,960 searches.) Checking eRank’s Keyword Explorer, it appears August 2019 was Raw Stone’s pinnacle. And although Etsy Engagement still appears quite high at the moment, it might be time to push that stock to the front of your shop.

Enamel pin is down from August’s No. 2 ranking, sliding to No. 32! That’s a precipitous drop, eh? Keyword Explorer tells us that the 12-mos average for the search term is 129,264. So: substantial. And btw, it appears to be an “Etsy thing”: Google Shopping and Google both reflect little interest compared with its ride on Etsy. That ride began in a big way in October of 2018 with a leap up the charts to 130,830 searches. Despite a big drop in November, it climbed pretty steadily after that to a peak in March 2019 of 246,920. Then, beginning the following month, April 2019, it’s been slipping. Now, it’s down to 39,720. That’s an 83.9% drop from its peak in March. From our data on the Steepest Sliders for September 2019 compared with August, Enamel Pin ranks #2 – that’s a slide in one month from ranking #2 of the Top 1000 to ranking #2 of the steepest sliders! Huh.

Curiously, Wedding-related items appear to be down. At first glance, wedding items appear to be one of the top categories of searches on Etsy. Yet, despite three appearances in this month’s Top 25 (Bridesmaid Gift, Engagement Ring, and Wedding Dress), and a total of 28 searches that include the word “Wedding” in September 2019’s Top 1000, compared with its peak (75,460 searches) in March, it’s definitely down. For the word “Wedding” there were 19,040 searches in September 2019. And compare that to a year ago in September 2018, when there were 52,270. That’s a 63.5% slide down Year on Year, and from March of this year, a decrease of 74.7%.

And Industrial Lighting, 10th place on August 2019’s Top 10, has vanished from this month’s entire Top 1000! There is no “industrial” anything in the Top 1000 this month. Interesting! It jumped from 1670 searches in July, which was typical for the 12 months, to a high of 56,720 in August 2019, as mentioned in our report last month. And this month: poof, gone, with a measly 920 searches not making a blip on the graph. That was dramatic!

Other unexpected searches to appear in the Top 25 Steepest Sliders are: Gift (!); Woodland; Tarot Deck (in August’s Top Ten!); and Statement Earrings (which granted has had a good long run).

Another search we reported on last month as one of our Sliders was Slime, and we said we’d keep an eye on it for all of you Slime Shops. We are sorry to report that it is still down, and it’s further down than August when it ranked 22nd on the Top 1000. This month, it is down to 46th place. In all the Top 1000, there are only two mentions of Slime. The second, Slime Shops, is down at #716.

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