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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO, reporting what keywords and products were climbing upward on Etsy this past month, and which were sliding back down.

Most Searched Keywords on Etsy for April 2020

1.    face mask

2.    face mask with filter

3.    face masks

4.    face mask washable

5.    mask

6.    masks

7.    mothers day gift

8.    face mask adults

9.   cotton facemask

10.  mask with filter

11.  personalized gift

12.  svg

13.  elastic

14.  mothers day

15.  fabric

16.  mothers day gifts

17.  slime

18.  reusable face mask

19.  cloth face mask

20.  washable mask

So, yeah: masks. Nine of the Top 10 are masks. Searches for our No.1 keyword: 2,905,548. That’s as close to three million searches as we are ever likely to see on Etsy for a single keyword.

So much for Baby Yoda (he’s still in the Top 1000 though, at #162). But then so much has changed since we were talking Baby Yoda. April 2020’s Top 20 was all about face masks and Mother’s Day (and we have to wonder: how many mothers got masks for Mother’s Day?)

Let’s look for trends other than masks, shall we? In our Top 20, we have personalized gift ranked 11th, followed by svg (a type of printable download, anything from fonts to logos to images); and at #17 we have slime, making quite a comeback. From a low of 29,543 searches in December 2019, slime climbed to 171,065 in April! Slime is curiously comforting. Mother’s Day searches quite rightly claimed three spots in our Top 20. And all the rest were mask-related.

Normally we look for patterns in trends over time but given these particular times (with 49 of the Top 100 searches directly related to Covid19), we aren’t sure how useful that will be for helping you with your long-term plans. Instead, let’s just look at what surprises we can find in April’s search trend data, as well as anything that might bear watching in the nearer term.

Climbers and Sliders

Every month we like to look at what’s climbing and what’s sliding in popularity. We already know that the big themes currently are health-related; nesting and pampering; hobbies and learning; and gift-giving.

One surprise for some of us has been the popularity of fursuits, and especially the heads of fursuits (presumably for Zooming and FaceTiming). There were eight fursuit-related searches in April’s Top 1000 Searches.


The biggest surprise? There was no mention of any type of jewelry in the Top 50! Rings was the first, and it was down at #51. That is startling. Candles; wall art; crystals all made the Top 50, well ahead of any jewelry item. (In every previous Trend report, at least one type of jewelry has been in the Top 20, usually in the Top 10, and often taking more than one slot.)

Art is well up: 14 mentions in the Top 1000, beginning with Wall Art at #31 with 10,9240 searches, followed by eight other wall art-related searches (large wall art; living room wall art prints; wall art framed; wall art prints; extra large canvas wall art; prints wall art; Christian wall art; bible verse wall art). And art prints, resin art, canvas art, and pop art canvas.

Gift: 42 entries in the Top 1000 for April 2020. When we check the data for April 2019: 41 entries for Gift. We’re happy to see that for this category, not so much has changed. April’s a good month for gift-giving: Mother’s Day; plus early shoppers for Father’s Day and for graduations. People still need those gifts, even if they are having them mailed rather than delivering them in person. And fortunately, we’re in the mail order business. So: yay!

Here were the Top Ten Searches on Etsy back in April 2019:

1.   mothers day gift

2.   enamel pin

3.   catholic jewelry

4.   jeans

5.   mothers day personalized

6.   game of thrones

7.   tarot deck

8.   printable planner stickers

9.   1940s lingerie

10. party dress

Let’s look at a few of these. Take enamel pin.


We began commenting on its slide last fall.


The blue line is 2019; the red is 2020. Enamel pin is down, indeed. Its only mention in April 2020’s Top 1000 Etsy searches was “bts enamel pin” ranked #553, with 17,319 searches.

And April 2019’s #3 Catholic jewelry didn’t even make April 2020’s Top 1000.


Now, that is what we at eRank call a spike: Catholic jewelry took off like a jetliner in February 2019, peaked in April, and by May, was grounded again, and has stayed turf-bound ever since. (Love to hear your theories.)

April 2019’s #4 was jeans. In April 2020? It’s at #491. Huh. Jeans: should be such a staple, right? Let’s go look at Keyword Explorer.


Interesting! Compare 2019’s line (in blue) from January to mid April in this graph with the 2019 line in the enamel pin graph: for that same four-month date range they are very similar! And both are down in 2020, although jeans is doing better at the moment: at least, it’s on the rise (ouch).

Personalized appears in the Top 20 in both 2019 and 2020. And that word has been on our watch list here at eRank since last August. (Because personalized is big business, both on Etsy and Amazon.) And we were seeing signs that it was slipping.


Just look at that dip back in August 2019! It recovered quickly in September but then began to drop again, not recovering for the Holidays. Yet (the red line) see how it’s rallying this year? It reached the 11th spot in April 2020’s Top 1000 searches with personalized gift, and the word personalized appeared in 11 searches (personalized gift; personalized; dog collar personalized; mothers day personalized; personalized mothers day gift; personalized coasters; personalized dog collar; personalized candles; personalized tumbler; glitter tumbler personalized; personalized cutting board). Personalized only appeared 8 times in April 2019’s Top 1000. So those of you relying on personalized items for your bread and butter look safe for the time being; we’ll keep you posted. We’re sure personalized masks are already a thing.

 In fact: see this red blip?


That red blip is the first appearance, in April 2020, of personalized mask, charting right out of the gate at 2,505 searches. A star is born.

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