Q: Where on eRank can I see what Etsy page my items are ranking on?

Use the Rank Checker tool to see where your items are ranking on Etsy. It scans the first 500 listings on Etsy for any given search term and will let you know if any of your listings are found for that term. Keep in mind that Rank Checker results aren't personalized, so what is shown is a good indication of what the average Etsy shopper will see.


Q: Why does my listing appear on a different page on Etsy than is reported by Rank Checker?

Rank Checker returns what an average Etsy shopper sees when searching on Etsy. When you search on Etsy the results are personalized for you and your location, and may be different from what the “average person” sees.


Q: I write everything in lowercase letters. Does that affect how my Etsy listings will rank?

It shouldn’t matter, but keep in mind that Etsy encourages sellers to use "title case" for titles. That is, capital letters for the principal words, and lowercase for the articles, conjunctions, and prepositions. Also note that titles should not have more than three words in all capital letters ("all caps").


Q: On Spotted on Etsy, what is the difference between "Rank" and "Position"?

Rank is a 1-to-100 numerical score with 1 being best, meaning that a listing ranked 1 would have appeared at the very top of search results when eRank fetched listings from Etsy for the keywords highlighted in the report.

Position is connected to page and placement. It is based on the Rank score, but helps you determine where your listing appeared on what page. For example, if your listing had a rank of 1, it would appear in position 1 on page 1. Since Etsy shows 48 listings per page (not including ads), a rank of 49 would appear on page 2, placed in position 1.



Q: What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are search terms that typically contain three or more keywords. For example, “antique silver engagement ring:” while this phrase will be searched less frequently, when it is searched the shopper is likely to have a higher "purchase intent;" it signals a shopper who intends to purchase. When you use long-tail keywords, a customer who is more likely to buy your item can more easily find you.


Q: How can I tell what keywords people searched for before they viewed a listing?

The best way is to look at your Etsy shop stats or install Google Analytics and enable site search tracking (Tip: eRank's Facebook group has a how-to video if you are interested in using Google Analytics).


Q: Does it matter if a search term uses singulars or plurals?

Etsy recognizes both singulars and plurals as meaning the same thing but it might be worth using the version that customers are searching for the most. 


Q: What combination of Competition, Average Searches, Average Clicks and CTR (Click Through Rate) is ideal?

There is no ideal combination that will work for all listings. Generally, we recommend that you use multi-word tags and highly relevant phrases that people are likely to search for. Keyword Explorer and the Keyword Tool can help give you some good ideas on where to start. Having lower competition can make it easier for your listing to appear on page one, and keywords with low or medium search volume are often long-tail keywords that may be used by potential buyers when they are closer to purchasing.


Q: Why is the CTR over 100%?

This can happen when a potential customer uses a particular search term then clicks on more than one listing on that page of search results. A CTR over 100% indicates that potential buyers engage strongly with that search term, they spend a longer time looking at items, and may go on to purchase.


Listing Audit

Q: Why are missing Attributes flagged as a problem in eRank?

Attributes help buyers find your items more easily in search results. Depending on the Categories you select for your listing, you'll see optional Attributes you can choose, like color, size, etc. Choosing relevant Attributes increases the possibility that your item will appear when shoppers use Attributes to filter their searches on Etsy.


Q: My listing does not need 10 images: why is Listing Audit warning me that I do not have enough?

You have the option of personalizing how strict eRank is about this by going to Settings and scrolling down to "Missing Images Warnings" and choosing "Strict" or "Relaxed". 


Q: I worked on one of my listings today: why hasn't the Visibility Score changed?

The Visibility Score can't predict the future; it reflects the past: how this listing's average daily views compared to all other listings on Etsy.

Imagine that on the day your listing was published, it had one view. Its average daily view stood at one view a day. Comparing it to all other listings on Etsy, eRank found most did not average one view a day and gives your listing a Visibility Score of 82% because your average daily view was more than 82% of all listings on Etsy.

Another day passes and on that day your listing did not have a view. Your listing is two days old and had one view: thus, an updated average of 0.5 views a day, and a new score reflecting that 72% of all Etsy listings have fewer than 0.5 views a day.

This is why changing a keyword today will not impact the Visibility Score immediately. Updating a listing will shift your Visibility Score over time as you get more or fewer views.


Q: Do I want all my listings to have an "A" grade on eRank?

No, not at all. Grades only look at the structure of your listing based on the advice Etsy gives us. Grades cannot assess subjective things like image quality, customer behavior, or how well the chosen keywords match your items. We recommend using the Grades in conjunction with finding great keywords and looking into your statistics to identify your under-performing listings that have a few suggestions in the audit which make sense to you to change. We do not recommend changing listings that perform well regardless of their grade. 


Q: Where do I find eRank's Shortcut Button?

You’ll find it here, and on the Main Menu under Tools > Other Tools.


Your Account

Yes, you can. When logged into your second Etsy shop, go to "Settings" in eRank and scroll down to "Your Shops" and click "Connect another shop." Repeat with any other Etsy shops you have. 


Q: Where can I find my eRank PRO Receipts?

Your eRank PRO receipts can be found on the Settings page under the Receipts tab. If you have trouble accessing your receipts, email billing@erank.com for further help.



Q: Does eRank have an affiliate program?

No, but we are always open to collaborating and new ideas.


Q: Are there any tutorials to get started on eRank?

Yes, there are. 

We have a Beginners Guide here.

And "Getting Started with eRank PRO" here.

Our Facebook group has regular live videos from eRank creator Anthony Wolf, chock-full of tips for using eRank; a library of past Q&As; and over 10,000 helpful members. You can join it here.