Quick Summary

The Bulk Keyword tool helps analyze up to 20 different search terms at once. With this tool you can quickly analyze all your listing tags, and receive insight into competition, search volume, and engagement levels for each of those keywords.


Analyze all the tags in a single listing to see which ones have the levels you are looking for, or compare keywords you may be thinking of using.

How to Use

To access the Bulk Keyword Tool choose Tools > Bulk Keyword Tool PRO from the drop down menu. Once on the page use the Enter Keywords text box to add one (1) single or multi-worded phrases on each line. You can also add all your search terms on one line, separating each term with a comma. Once all your terms are entered, click the Search button to see your data. Now you'll see all the keywords you entered displayed in alphabetical order. You can use the Filter text box to find search terms with only that word in them. Clear out the Filter text box to see all your data once again. You'll also be able to sort each column of data, and download your results in our familiar Copy, CSV, Excel, PDF or Print formats.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to eRank PRO members.

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