Quick Summary

The Bulk Rank Checker tool will search the first 2 pages of a Etsy search results looking for up to 20 different search terms that you entered.


Discover which listings are ranking for the different search terms you entered. You'll also be able to view the listing image, title (including it's listing id number), keywords used, and the page number and the rank placement number on that page.

How to Use

To access the Bulk Rank Checker PRO choose Tools > Bulk Rank Checker PRO from the drop down menu. Using the Enter up to 20 search terms (one per line) text box, type in the single or multi-word search term you want to check forĀ  Please do not include punctuation as this can effect your results. Click the Search button and you'll see the Processing percentage bar displayed. Please allow a minute or two for eRank to search the available entries for your specific search terms. As soon as your terms are processed you'll see them displayed. You can search your listings title, but each important phrase in it should be placed on a separate line. This will help you see where each phrase in your title might be ranking. You can also search each individual tag you use in a listing, again helping you determine where that tag might be ranking in a search. Here you'll see the Results time stamp so you know when the data was returned. The Filter text box lets you type in a single or multi-word phrase so you can view only listings containing those specific words. If you use the Filter box, be sure to delete any text in it so you can see all your listings once again. The main Image, Title, Keywords, Page and Rank columns are displayed. The Title column also contains your Listings ID number should you need that information. All columns except the Image column may be sorted, and you can download your results in any of the available export formats. To help you understand the Page and Rank data: The Page column is the page your item was found on in the search. The Rank column is the position your item was found on that page. Results are free of personalization or Etsy ads. Generally there are 48 items displayed per page, so this will give you an idea of where (top, middle, bottom) of a page your listing was found. Rank helps give you an idea of where the "average" Etsy shopper might see your listing in their search return.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to eRank PRO members.

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