Quick Summary

The eRank Calendar highlights important holidays and events from around the world for each month, coupled with what were Etsy's Top Ten search terms for the same month last year.


The Calendar tool was designed to help you plan marketing campaigns, time new-product launches, and update your SEO well in advance. On the right, this tool displays a record of last year's Top Ten Etsy search termsĀ for the same month, followed by a list of upcoming events for the next three months, all collected on one screen to help you with long-term planning.

How to Use

Access Calendar on the Main Menu under Tools > Other Tools > Calendar. Once you're on the Calendar page you'll see important dates highlighted in different colors.


In the Planning section on the right, you'll see the previous year's top Etsy search terms for that month. If you are an eRank PRO member, you can click on any of those to be moved to the Keyword Explorer, where you can find related search terms that real buyers on Etsy are currently using.


The Upcoming Events area displays a preview of the next three months' worth of holidays and commemorative dates to help you keep well ahead.


Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.