Quick Summary

The Compare Listings tool allows you to compare up to four Etsy listings side by side. You can get comparisons of daily views, quantities available, processing times, categories, tags, and more.


Compare your similar listings to see the tags you are using, or compare your competitors listings.

How to Use

To access the Compare Listings tool choose Listings > Compare Listings from the drop down menu. Once in the report enter just the numbers found inside the URL links of that listing. Example:  www.etsy.com/listing/1234567890/name-of-product   Just copy the numbers from the listing and then paste them into the Listing ID text box. Then click the Compare button. Here you'll be able to view each listings lead image with it's data displayed directly below the image. Easily compare each items Visibility Score, Daily views, Total views, Listing Age, Total hearts, quantity Available and Processing time. The Category section shows the category each item has been listed in, and the Tag section displays all tags associated with that listing. In the Tags section you can hover over each tag to see its competition level. Clicking on any of those tags will move you to the the Keyword Tool where you can do an in-depth analysis of that keyword if you'd like.

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members.  

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