Quick Summary

The Competitor Listings report allows you to analyze any Etsy shop's most recently updated listings to give insight into pricing, tags, views, and processing time.


View and sort your competitors data based on pricing and processing times to see how your shop compares in those areas. You'll also be able to view their lead image to see their items, and give you an idea of what your images are competing with. Images help compel a shopper to click on your listing, and price and processing times are also important information to a shopper when making a purchase.

How to Use

To access the Competitor Listing page choose Competition > Listings PRO from the drop down menu. Once on the page, enter the shop name you'd like to analyze in the "Enter shop name" text field, or choose an existing shop name from the "Select a shop" drop down list. Click the button to gather your data. On this page you will be able to analyze your competitors shop Image, Title, Views, Tags, Price, number of Images and Processing Time. All Columns may be sorted and you can export the data.


Use the Filter text box to find listings containing the exact words you typed in. When finished looking at your Filter sorted data, delete all text from the Filter box to once again see all listings.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to eRank PRO members.

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