Quick Summary

Add notes about the shops on your Tracked Competitors list to help organize and sort your Competition reports.


Shop Notes provide a customized way to group and distinguish between the shops you track, or to simply serve as a reminder of which of their product lines interest you. The Shop Notes also come in handy when using the Competitor Sales report, enabling you to organize the shops you follow by type, e.g., "Soapmaking Supplies" or "Digital Tutorials."


How to Use

From the main menu under Competition > Your Competition > Sales, choose Sales, then click the Settings tab. Once here, you'll see the shop names you are tracking, and next to each shop name, you'll see an empty text box. You have up to 20 characters to enter any classification that is useful to you.

If you click on any shop name here in Settings, it will move you to a different eRank report in a new browser tab. There you can see sales and other data about the shop, along with thumbnails of recent listings. Clicking on the shop name there (shown circled in red in the screenshot above) will move you to that shop on Etsy. To return to the Settings page and your Note-making, click on the "eRank - Competitor Settings" tab still open on your browser.

You can enter one Note or enter Notes for several shops. Once you're done, press your keyboard's Enter key, or scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button. You'll see an eRank message letting you know that your Competitor Notes have been updated. Click the Continue button to be returned to the Competitor Settings page.

In a future session, you can edit any note by selecting the Settings tab from any of the Competition report pages. Select the existing note text, delete it, and type in your new classification. You can use the "Competitor Sales" report to sort and group all of your classifications together, helping you easily check all the different Note names you have used.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is exclusively for eRank PRO members.