Quick Summary

This reports the number of Etsy shop hearts, along with Pinterest and Twitter followers, posts, and Pinterest pins that your tracked competitors have in comparison with your shop.


Monitor the social activity of your tracked competitors, how they might be using social media to drive traffic and sales to their Etsy shops, and get a sense of how well yours compares with theirs.

How to Use

To begin, first enter up to 50 shops to track. To start tracking you competitors, from the Main Menu choose Competition > Social. Once on the Competitor Social Report page, under Available Options click the Sales tab. Type the shop's name into the Add A Shop text box, then click the Add to List button.  

Once you have entered your competitor shop names, click on the Social tab in the Available Options area. The Competitor Social Report will show your competitors' shop names along with your shop's name (highlighted in blue). You’ll be able to view a tally of shop Hearts; Pinterest followers and pins; Twitter followers and tweets. Here, you'll be able to see in real time your competitions' interactions with their social media sites. The columns are sortable to help you discover which sites they are more active on, and the sites they may not interact with at all. The "#" column changes to reflect their ranking for the column last sorted. Current sort order is indicated by a purple arrow beside the column head's title. To restore the default sort order, click the grey double-headed arrow in the Shop column.


Clicking on a shop name will open a new tab in your browser, moving you to that shop on Etsy. Here, you'll see their shop banner, logo, featured items, categories, their front page of thumbnails, and more. Return to the previous window and click on another shop name from your competitor list, or click on your own shop name. Toggling back and forth between two or more shops is a great way to compare shop branding, storefront curb appeal, and gain insight into how your competitors might be using their branding to increase their Etsy sales.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank PRO members.