Quick Summary

The Competitor Tags PRO report analyzes the tags of your Etsy shop competitors recently updated listings. It also shows the Etsy competition, search and engagement levels for each tag along with Google search, competition, and CPC data.


Use the Competition Tag report to analyze your competitors tags and other data and look for ways to optimize your shop and listings. eRank PRO members also have quick access to the Keyword Tool from this report should they want to analyze individual tags shown.

How to Use

Use the Enter a Shop name text box to analyze a shop, or the Select a Shop drop down menu to select a shop you are already tracking. Once on the Competitor Tags page you can view this competitors shop statistics. In the Tag Report section you'll see the Listings Samples % and the total number of listings in this shop. Below that, you'll see the number of Different Tags this shop uses across all their listings. Here you'll view each of your competitors tags and their Etsy Competition, Searches, and Engagement levels. Google Searches, Competition and CPC data is also included along with Etsy Trend information. You can sort the columns to provide an in-depth view of data, and then export it if you'd like. Clicking on a keyword or phrase in the Tag column opens up a new Tab in your browser and moves you to the Keyword Tool where you can explore the statistics for this individual tag.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to eRank PRO members.

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