Quick Summary

Your dashboard highlights opportunities to improve your Etsy shop, with stats on sales, feedback, listings, social network followers, and more. On the right sidebar, you’ll find several Etsy-related features and reports.


At-a-glance overview of your listings and the main stats that eRank tracks. It lets you identify the areas you want to work on, along with quick access to the relevant tools and reports you'll need, directly from the dashboard. The sidebar on the right has a short list of upcoming events, along with some Etsy-specific features. With Search Etsy Announcement you can use its Google-powered custom search bar to access Etsy announcements, help articles, the seller handbook, press releases, and more. Here too find the Etsy Reach report, the Trend Buzz report and, should Etsy be experiencing a site anomaly, that too will appear in this space.

How to Use

After you log into eRank, the first screen you see is your Dashboard. Right at the top, you have your total number of sales, feedback score, and your shop’s sales rank. Below, the dashboard is divided into several sections.



Your Listings

This section provides a high-level statistical overview of your listings, and also flags possible spelling errors; missing tags and images; incomplete or missing attributes. Buttons are color-coded: good (green); may need improvement (yellow); and definitely needs improvement (red).



For eRank PRO members:

The number of terms you are currently having the Monitor tool track; the count (out of 50) competitors that eRank is tracking for you; and listing changes you are tracking. Click the buttons to move to those reports.



Your Followers

The number of hearts your Etsy shop has, and the number of followers you have on Twitter and Pinterest. For details, click on any of the three links to go to your eRank Social Report (which can also be found under Shop > Social Report on the main menu.)



Sales Comparison (eRank PRO only)

The number of sales each of your shops (and your competitors) had yesterday. Click on Sales Comparison to be taken to the Competitor Sales report where you can see real-time sales updates. (The Competitor Sales report can also be found in the main menu under Competition > Your Competition > Sales.)



Spotted on Etsy

We perform random searches on Etsy every day. If we see your listings among the first one hundred search results, we'll report it here.



Right Side Bar:


Hot on Etsy

This module shows you what the 100 most popular terms Etsy buyers were searching for in the previous week. Clicking on the Learn More button will take you to the Trend Buzz Weekly report (an eRank PRO feature) where you can also see the top 100 keywords for Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.


Most Sales Yesterday report

Top five Etsy shops in sales made yesterday. Click the orange See More button to be taken to the full Top Sellers report -- it’s chock full of related features.



Trend Buzz 

Browse the hottest search terms on Etsy and Google Shopping.

Search Etsy Announcements 

Handy for searching official Etsy announcements, help articles, the seller handbook, press releases, and more.

Upcoming Events


Handy reminder of the next five noteworthy events approaching fast! Click the orange View Calendar button to see the full Marketing Calendar. 

Etsy Reach

The percentage of internet users who visited Etsy over the past eight weeks.



Who Can Use This?

Dashboard is available to all eRank members. Some features, like Sales Comparison, are for eRank PRO members only.