Quick Summary

Your dashboard highlights opportunities to improve your Etsy shop, as well as statistics on your own website, your social network followers, and your competitors.


Use the dashboard to get an overview of some of the main stats that eRank tracks. Additionally, you can quickly go to other important reports for more in depth information right from the dashboard.

How to Use

When you log into eRank, the first screen you see will be your Dashboard. Or, if your already working in another eRank tool, you can choose Dashboard on the drop down menu. The Dashboard is divided into several sections.  

Your Listings:

A quick view of overall stats such as how many sales you've made, your overall feedback score and estimated inventory value. The Listings section also highlights common issues like missing tags and images, incomplete or missing attributes and spelling mistakes. Colors in the buttons indicate good (green), may need improvement (yellow), and definitely needs improvement (red).

eRank PRO

View the number of Monitor Terms, Tracked Competitors and Tracked Listings you have. Click the buttons to move to those reports.  

Your Followers:

Summary of the Etsy users who have favored your Etsy shop,¬†or followed you on Pinterest and Twitter. Click on it to go to your Social Report for more details.  

Sales Comparison:

See how many sales your competitors had yesterday. Click to be taken to the Competitor Sales Report where you can see real-time sales updates.  

Spotted on Etsy:

We perform random searches on Etsy every day. If you see your listing on page 1 or 2 of a search we perform, we'll show it here.  

Most Sales Yesterday:

See which shops had the most sales yesterday on Etsy. Click Top Sellers Report to be taken to the full report.

Etsy Reach:

Track how Etsy usage fluctuated over the last 8 weeks.  

Upcoming events:

Important dates in the calendar of which you should be aware. Click on this to see the full Marketing Calendar.

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members. Some features, like the Sales Comparison, is for eRank PRO members only.    

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