Quick Summary

This section highlights the performance of each listing in your shop, areas for improvement, and other reports to help you analyze your shop listings.


All on one screen, view and arrange your active listings to see each one’s stats -- when it was last updated, SEO suggestions, Views it's had, Visibility Score, and more. This helps you identify your best- and worst-performing listings and quickly access the tools to explore deeper and edit as needed.

How to Use

On your Dashboard, click the Active Listings button, or choose Listings > Active Listings from the drop-down menu.


You will see a list of all of your active listings. Their default sort order is by Last Updated; they can be sorted by title, listing ID, SKU, by the number of SEO suggestions, or by any of the rest to the right. As highlighted below on the left, you can use the "Section" scroll menu to view listings in any of your shop sections, or use the "Filter" text box to find listings with the same words in the title. As highlighted below on the right, you can export sorted or unsorted data using the Copy, CSV, Excel, PDF and Print export buttons.


From here, you can click on the Listing Audit buttons to get more detailed analyses of each listing, or click the "Edit on Etsy" button to go directly to Etsy and edit the listing.

Who Can Use This?

With the exception of the Changes and Track Changes features, this is available to all eRank members.