Quick Summary

eRank has the ability to take daily snapshots of your active listings and record changes to your listings' titles, tags, price, quantity available, total views and total favorites.


Use the Changes Tab to track changes on up to 20 active listings that have not sold yet, or existing listings you want to update. Quickly see changes you have made to your titles and tags, and whether or not they are improving the performance of this listings' views, favorites or sales.

How to Use

Track Changes is only available on published Etsy listings and currently is limited to tracking 20 listings. Start by using Listings > Active Listings from the drop down menu. Click the Track Changes button next to the listing you want to track. If you are already tracking 20 listings you will see a warning that you can only track 20 listings. So you will have to Stop Tracking one listing in order to add a new listing. Stop Tracking will permanently remove all data, so if you'd like to save the data, click the Return to Listing button, then click the Show Changes button for this listing and export your data for use in the future. Then click the Stop Tracking button for this listing and click the Back to Listings button. Find the listing you'd want to track and click the Track Changes button for it. You'll see the notice that a snapshot has been made and that you are now tracking this listing. A snapshot will be made each day after midnight your time. In the future you can access all your tracked listings by going to Listings > Changes or clicking on the Changes tab in your Active Listings page. To see your changes for a listing click the green Show Changes button next to that listing. All changes to your title or tags will be seen as green highlighted text for added characters, and deleted text will be shown as red highlighted text with a strike-through character. Remember that it may take several days for your changes to be recognized by Etsy, so it may take several days before you start to see your Views and Favorites improve for this listing. Since a lot of Etsy shoppers add items to their Favorites as a reminder that they might like to purchase this item, it is possible to see the Total Favorites for this item to decrease as they purchase it and then remove it from their Favorites.

Who Can Use This?

This is a feature available to eRank PRO members.

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