Quick Summary

The Details page shows you high level statistics for each of your listings. Quickly check your listings by sorting columns of data based on information you need to see now.


Save time by checking your listings important statistics by sorting the columns. You can quickly check and address all your active listings by their Listing ID, SKU, Tag Count, Image Count, Originally Created date, Last Updated, Total Views, Daily Views, Total Hearts, Hearts per View and Price.

How to Use

Use the Listings > Detail drop down menu or click the Details Tab in the Available Reports area when your in any of the Listings pages. Once in the Details Tab sorting your data is easy. Simply click any column heading. Click once or twice to change the sorting direction for that column. Not sure what data is included in that column? Simply click the grey "?" icon Tool Tip for a explanation of what data will be found here. You can also use the Filter text box to display only listings that contain words that you entered. Once your finished, remove all text from the Filter text box to return to the display of all your listings. Want to do a in-depth analysis of a listing? Simply click the Listing Audit button to go to a page where you'll have access to all it's SEO related details. Use the export data buttons to save any sorted data you'd like. Enjoy the quick access buttons found on each listing that allows you to check it's Listing Audit, Edit on Etsy, Track Changes, Show Changes, Stop Tracking, and Sales History data.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.

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