Quick Summary

This report shows you which of your Etsy shop listings have no attributes selected. Attributes work a bit like tags to help buyers find items that meet their requirements. Etsy says that adding relevant attributes to your listings will help increase the chance that your listings will match with a query.


Identify and edit listings with no attributes. Selecting a relevant attribute frees up a tag you would otherwise need to use, and helps explain more about your item to Etsy so it can include your item in a customer’s search results.   

How to Use

To access the Missing Attributes report, click the "Missing Attributes" button on your Dashboard, or choose Listings > Missing Attributes from the Main Menu. Once there, you’ll see a display of which listings have no attributes. 


From this page you can click the "Edit on Etsy" button to log into your Etsy shop and edit this listing if you would like to add attributes to it.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.