Quick Summary

This report shows you any listings that don’t use all 13 tags. Using all your tags and filling them with multi-word phrases can increase the chances that your item may appear in a shopper's search.


"Tags are your opportunity to include 13 phrases that describe your unique product. Each tag you add is a chance to match with a shopper’s search, so spread them around and add some variety!" -- Etsy Seller Handbook, Keywords 101: Everything You Need To Know

How to Use

There are several ways to access the "Missing Tags" report. From your Dashboard, click the "Missing Tags" button, or choose Listings > Missing Tags from eRank's menu bar.

Once in the "Missing Tags" report, click on your listing's name or on the "Listing Audit" button to move to the "Listing Audit" page where you can add tags if you’d prefer. You can also click the "Edit on Etsy" button to make changes directly in your Etsy shop.


Once you have made changes in your Etsy shop, be sure to refresh your data in eRank using the orange Refresh Data button at the top of the page.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.