Quick Summary

The Market Report shows the countries Etsy users come from, the percentage of people on the internet who use Etsy (reach), how Etsy’s reach compares to other shopping sites, and how Etsy’s reach changes over time. This report is updated daily. Source: Alexa.com.


Understanding how Etsy performs can better help you understand how your own shop could potentially perform. As Etsy continues to gain a larger market presence, you have more opportunities to attract buyers. A large upswing in popularity in Etsy, such as during certain holidays, can help you better predict times when you may be busier. It can also help reassure you that a dip in sales is being felt across the board, letting you know that it may not be your shop specifically.

How to Use

Access this report from the Reports > Market Report drop down menu. In each of the below charts you'll be able to hover over areas and see a pop up text box of data for that specific area. The next section in the report provides a detailed breakdown of the statistics graphically depicted above.

Who Can Use This?

This is free feature available to all eRank members

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