Quick Summary

The Missing Images report shows you listings that are not using all 10 images. Etsy says that using all 10 listing photos may increase your conversion rate.


The Missing Images report helps you quickly spot listings where you could add more images.  

How to Use

Click the Missing Images button on your Dashboard, or choose Listings > Missing Images from the drop down menu. Once on the Missing Images page, you will see any listings that have fewer than 10 images.


Don't always use 10 images in your listings? eRank understands and lets you control your warning levels. Go to the eRank Settings page and scroll to the "Missing Images Warnings" section. Here you can choose Strict (warn if fewer than 10 images) or Relaxed (warn if fewer than 5 images).

Further Reading

You can find more information about images in the Etsy Seller Handbook article Showcase Your Products With More Images and Large Image Sizes.

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members.

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