Quick Summary

The Monitor tool tracks where your listings appear in search results on Etsy for up to 14 days. The Monitor tool allows you to track up to 20 search terms by scanning the first 2 pages of Etsy search results for any of your listings. Once you have added keywords to the Monitor tool please allow 48 hours for the site to start collecting data.


With this report, you can more easily track how designated keywords are performing. The keywords will be searched in relation to your listings and their position tracked. Thus, you can better understand trends in relation to your own listings.

How to Use

To add search terms to the Monitor tool choose Tools > Monitor from the drop down menu. Enter them in the Edit Keywords Tab. Once data has been gathered for them, you'll see them in the All and Your Keywords Tabs. The Other Keywords Tab will show search terms other members are tracking that applied to your search terms. The Monitor Tab provides a graph where you can work with your data. The Edit Keywords Tab provides an area where you can add, edit and delete search terms you want to monitor. This report shows how well your listings ranked for various search terms that you are monitoring.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to eRank PRO members.

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