Quick Summary

The One Word Tags report helps you follow the Etsy encouragement to use multi-word phrase tags. For example, tags with one word, like “custom” and “bracelet” are not as effective as “custom bracelet”. By merging two tags into one, you create a new tag that would add additional multi-word keywords to your listings.


This report helps you quickly spot opportunities to add more relevant keywords to your listings. With just a few clicks, you will see a complete list of tags that may be improved, saving you hours of having to go through each listing individually.

How to Use

Once you are on the One Word Tags page, the column displays single word tags that appear in each of your listings. From here, you can click the listing’s "Edit on Etsy" button to go to Etsy and make any changes.

Who Can Use This?

This is free feature available to all eRank members.

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