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Quick Summary

The Profit Calculator tool helps estimate your Etsy fees and profit. By entering the price of the item along with labor, material, and shipping costs, it produces an estimate of the fees you will have to pay and the estimated profit margin you can expect to make.


Use the Profit Calculator to better understand and predict your costs, Etsy fees, and profit margin.

How to Use

Access the Profit Calculator from the Tools > Profit Calculator drop down menu. Input the amounts into the various fields starting with the How much the customer pays section and then filling in Your costs section amounts. The calculator is built to deduct the Etsy Fee in USD, but the calculator will work with any currency. However, the Etsy fee will remain in USD and may marginally effect calculations. How much the customer pays: This information is taken from your listings or prospective listing. Simply input the amount. If you enter a discount (generated as a percent), this will be used for the entire calculation. Fees: These will automatically be calculated based on the previous inputs. Your costs: based on your own calculations, input the numbers with your best estimates. Estimated profit and margin: These results will be generated after inputting the data from How much the customer pays and Your costs Once all your figures are entered, click the Calculate button to view your costs and profit margin. Again, please note, these estimates are currently in USD. However, other currencies can be used without conversion, noting that the Etsy fee (always in USD) may slightly alter results.

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members.

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