Quick Summary

The eRank Sales Map visually displays the geographic origins of your most recent 300 orders.


A fun way to quickly see where in the world your customers are.

How to Use

Located in the Shop > Sales Map drop-down menu. Start exploring where your orders have come from by clicking the "View Your Sales Map" button. Wait for the processing button to work its magic and soon you will see your Sales Map.


This view shows your 300 most recent sales by Date, City, State, Country, Quantity, and Total.


As you hover over a location on the map, it will outline that location and display your shop name, the location name, and number of sales for that location. You can use the "+" in the upper left of the map to zoom in on an area, and the "-" to zoom out. You can also click and hold down your left mouse button to "drag" the map up and down or side to side. We hope you enjoy this graphical representation of where in the world your sales are coming from, and that it inspires you to make sales in new areas.

Who Can Use This?

The Sales Map is available to all eRank members. The Receipts report is for PRO members.