Quick Summary

The Social Report gives a summary of people who have favorited your Etsy shop, followed you on Pinterest and Twitter, and any mentions of your shop name on Reddit or Twitter.


Use this tool to keep track of how you perform on social media. You can also keep track of where your shop is being mentioned on Reddit and Twitter. With this information, you can track how your current social media campaigns are doing and formulate additional advertisements based on that performance. You can also test any links to social media profiles here to ensure they are working properly.

How to Use

Social Mentions: This report is an overview of any time you are mentioned on Reddit or Twitter. You can filter this feature to better consolidate your report. Social Links: All accounts displayed in the About section in your Etsy shop will be displayed here, as well as the links provided. Use this to check that all social media accounts are correctly connected and each link is working properly.

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members.

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