Quick Summary

The Spotted on Etsy report displays some of the listings from your shop that eRank found on Etsy during it's random searches on Etsy. It is based on results from Etsy and does not include personalization or promoted listings.


Wondering where your listings are appearing in an Etsy search? The Spotted on Etsy feature can help. Based on what the "average" Etsy shopper might see in a Etsy search, it's free of promotional ads and shopper personalization. Now you can enter important keywords or search terms for your listings and track their rise and fall on Etsy. Use it to track new terms you may be testing, and follow the performance of existings ones. An added bonus of this feature is that search terms monitored by other members may find your listings and include them in searches for terms you may not be monitoring.

How to Use

Located in the Shop > Spotted on Etsy drop down menu. The Spotted on Etsy Dashboard button will appear after you enter keywords you'd like Monitor to scan for every day. To activate the Spotted on Etsy feature for the first time go to Tools > Monitor in the drop down menu. In the Spotted on Etsy page you'll see several Tabs. Click on the Edit Keywords to enter your "superstar" keywords. Free members can track one search term and PRO members can track up to 20 search terms. Under the Monitor Keyword List section, click in the text box area and enter each of your search terms on a single line. Do not include any punctuation or special characters such as ( ' , - , # , $ ) etc. Do not include a comma ( , ) at the end of a search term line. When your finished adding your search terms click the Save Keywords button, and then allow eRank 48 hours to gather data for you. Once data has been gathered, you'll see the Spotted on Etsy button appear on your Dashboard. In the future you can click the Spotted on Etsy button on your Dashboard to quickly move to the Monitor page where you'll see how your search terms are preforming. Here you'll be able to view All Keywords (keywords you entered and other members have entered, Your Keywords (your specific keywords that you entered), Other Keywords (keywords eRank found for your listings), Monitor (a interactive graph of your search terms), and Edit Keywords (holds your current keywords and allows you to change and save them after clicking the Save Keywords button).

Who Can Use This?

Monitoring one (1) search term is available to free eRank members. Monitoring up to 20 search terms is available to eRank PRO members.

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