Quick Summary

The Tag Report shows you how often you use a tag in your shop, as well as the levels of Etsy search, competition, and engagement each tag has. You'll also see Google searches, competition and CPC levels.


Use the Tag Report to better understand your tag levels, and how well they may be working for you. Additionally, you can analyze and monitor how your competitors, use their tags and perhaps find ways to employ them in your listings.

How to Use

The Tag Report will display the number of different tags used in your shop, and you can use the Filter text box to display tags using a single or multi-word combination All the columns may be sorted to help your testing and decision making needs and exporting your results is available in several formats. Many may find the included Google data valuable, especially when you're not quite sure of a tag, and seek a "second opinion" so to speak about it's relevance to Etsy and other platforms.  

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members.

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