Quick Summary

The Top Sellers report shows you the 100 top selling Etsy shops and lets you browse by Country or Category and even see how your shop(s) is ranking for sales on Etsy.


The Top Sellers report provides information on Etsy shops sales around the globe, and allows you to see detailed sales figures by Country, Category, Year Shop Opened and other helpful statistics about the top sellers on Etsy.

How to Use

To access the Top Sellers report choose Competition > Top Sellers from the drop down menu. Once on the Top Sellers page you can see how your shop is ranking for sales on Etsy by using the What is Your Etsy Rank text box. Here you'll see the percentage of sales you have made in comparison to all the other shops on Etsy. Often we'll find we are doing better than we thought, and you can share this good news with your friends. Browse top sellers by category to gain an idea of who your competitors might be according to category. Use the Find Top Sellers section to see a comparison of your shop for your country, category and years your shop has been opened. Click on any of the shop names to move to the Top Sellers analysis page for this shop. If you are an eRank PRO member, once there you can also explore their tags by clicking on the orange Tag Analysis button, or add them to your competitors list by clicking the orange Track This Shop button. In the Recent Listings section view their recently renewed items and click the listing link to move to Etsy and view it like a shopper would.

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members. Some additional features are available to eRank PRO members.

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