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Quick Summary

This report shows a high-level analysis of your customer reviews. The scores you see here are how much positive, neutral and negative feedback you have received in the last 12 months. Great reviews positively impact search ranking. The Top Sellers by Category report shows you the top selling Etsy shops for a specific category.


This report helps you quickly spot opportunities to add more relevant keywords to your listings. With just a few clicks, you will see a complete list of items that could be improved, saving you hours having to go through each listing individually. Quickly find the top selling 100 Etsy shops by category including their shop name, country and total number of sales.

How to Use

To get to this page, simply go here (link). Alternatively, you can expand the Shop menu, then click on listings, then click on the One-Word tab report. To access the Top Sellers by Category report choose Competition > Top Sellers by Category from the drop down menu. Ever wonder which shops are the top sellers in your category? Now you can quickly find them using the Browse Top Sellers by Category area. [AW to provide image of the Top Sellers by Category main page] At this screen, you will see a list of items that contain one-word tags. You can click on the Edit on Etsy button to go directly to Etsy and make changes, or the Listing Audit button to see a more detailed analysis of your listing. Select one of the 15 main Etsy  You'll be moved to the Top 100 Etsy sellers list for that category. Here you'll see their Shop name, Country, and number of Sales. [AW to insert graphic of a Top 100 sellers category page. - Some Country shop designations are empty - does that mean the shop has not entered a country location?] You can also ignore the suggestions (for example, if you use your shop name as a tag).

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members. Double check this to make sure its correct.

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