Quick Summary

Discover what are the most popular search terms on Etsy and Google Shopping (Google's shopping service that allows people to search for, view, and compare products). Browse through 15 months of historical Etsy and Google Shopping search data and over a dozen different categories.


The Trend Buzz report can help you understand what the most popular searches on Etsy and Google Shopping were last month, or for any period up to 15 months ago. With this tool, you can get great ideas to help with your product planning and upcoming marketing efforts, and use it as a great starting point for a journey to discover long tail keywords.

How to Use

To start using the Trend Buzz, simply click on one of the category buttons that you see.

After clicking on a category, you can see 100 of the most popular search terms for that category. From here, you can see the estimated search volume on Etsy and Google Shopping for each term, pick a different month, filter the list of keywords, and sort the results.

Use the filter box to show only keywords that contain certain words:

Use the date select to find the most popular search terms for up to 15 months in the past:

Click on any of the column headings to change the way the list is sorted:

Note that due to the ambiguous nature of search terms,  you will find some keywords in multiple categories.


If you would like to see the Top 100 Etsy search terms for any particular month, select the "All" category.


This data comes from a trusted 3rd party data provider. Etsy does not share search statistics with anyone. While the 3rd party data provider is one of the most trusted and experienced data analytics companies in the world, trusted by many Fortune 500 companies,  all search numbers are estimates.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank PRO members.

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