Keyword Tool

With the eRank Keyword tool, you can discover how often a keyword is searched each month by real buyers on Etsy and explore the most popular associated tags used by other sellers in your industry.

Spell Checker

Pick out pesky spelling errors within your Etsy listing tags using the Spell Checker tool and quickly navigate to your listing editor page to make changes.

Rank Checker

Discover where the average Etsy buyer sees your listings in their search results on Etsy before applied personalization or promoted listings. The Rank Checker tool will help you to distinguish the listings in your shop that hold the most views and favorites for specific keywords.

Listing Audit

Use the Listing Audit tool to identify possible improvements and SEO revisions you can make to your listings, based on Etsy’s best practices.

Sales Map

Visualize exactly where your Etsy orders are coming from as well as the order value associated with each of the countries you sell to with eRank’s custom interactive Sales Map.

Kate McMullen

“eRank makes it so easy to learn and apply. The Keyword Explorer helps me find new, strong keyword suggestions when I get stuck, the new Change Tracker allows me to see how changes I make to my titles, tags, and images affect the performance of a listing, keeps the data organized, and makes it extremely easy to change back if - or rather when - I goof it up, and the Competition Tracker is very useful to see what may be working for others and to gather some more inspiration for my own shop.”

Kate McMullen, owner of