Quick Summary

The Keyword Tool helps you research keywords and choose the best search terms for your Etsy listings. Providing Etsy and Google related competition, search, engagement and trend information, it also suggests possible long tail keywords, and lets you explore search terms that buyers have used on Etsy, and on websites.


The Keyword Tool is a powerful ally in researching, understanding and applying a search term to you Etsy or website listings. Offering detailed Etsy, Google and Bing data, it quickly provides a shopper based perspective for choosing keywords best suited to your listings. It is also a central point for accessing the Compare Keywords, Bulk Keyword, and Keyword Explorer tools.

How to Use

To access the Keyword Tool choose Tools > Keyword Tool from the drop down menu. In the Keyword Reports area you’ll see the orange highlighted Keyword Tab. Type your search term in the Enter keywords text box and click the Search button, or choose an existing one from the History Previous searches drop down list and click the Go button. You’ll be moved to an in-depth analysis of this search terms top 100 Etsy listings. Here you’ll view the Etsy searches, competition and engagement levels and explore various statistics. Hover over the interactive Etsy and Google Search Trends graph to discover how this search term has performed over the last 15 months. Use the interactive Most Popular Tags word cloud to click on a search term and quickly see its keyword information. Simply click your browsers back button to return to the current keyword page. Filtering and exporting your data is quick and easy, as is sorting any of the columns. Use the Filter text box to see only items containing terms you entered there. Once you have viewed and worked with the Filter text box data erase any text in that box so you can once again see all your data. Now you can quickly organize your results depending on your needs, and compare the performance of all the supporting tags for a single search term. The Price Range graph shows you the number of listings found within a price range and helps you competitively price your items. Below that, in the Top Listings section, you’ll see the top 100 listings for this search term and be able to examine your competitors title, tags, listing date, pricing and more. When eRank finds one of your items in the 100 Top Listings it will be highlighted it in blue so you can quickly locate it. In the Most Popular Categories section, you’ll quickly see the popular categories where other listings using this search term have been placed. The Synonyms information may help you further describe your item.

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members.

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