Quick Summary

This report allows you to see what the average Etsy buyer sees in search results on etsy.com without personalization or promoted listings. Results shown here will likely differ to what you see on Etsy because of the personalization.


This search is free of shopper personalization and does not include promoted ads. It gives you a fair idea of where your items keywords are ranking in a search, along with other helpful information like you competitors photos, tags, and prices.

How to Use

Access Rank Checker in the Tools > Rank Checker drop down menu. Enter your keyword or multi-word phrase in the Keyword or phrase to search text box. Your shop name is automatically displayed and if you have shops in different countries, use the Shop Location drop down box to choose a county. Click the Search button to see your results. In the Your Listings section, Rank Checker will display any of your items it finds in the top 500 listings for this search term. You’ll see the Price, Views, Daily Views, Heart, Created, Update, Vintage or Handmade data. You can download this data using the Copy, CSV, Excel, PDF or Print export buttons. To view your competition for this search term, scroll down to the Top Listings section. Here you will see where your competitors items are ranking, and view their tags, prices and statistics. You can also download this data using the export buttons.

Who Can Use This?

This is a free feature available to all eRank members.

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