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About eRank

eRank began originally as EtsyRank.   On a long Canadian Winter day after watching my wife struggling for months to get views on her Etsy store listings, I decided to use my SEO and programming skills to try and understand how things worked at Etsy.  As I shared my discoveries about Etsy with my wife, slowly her sales started to improve. After a while, I decided to work on some tools that would make the research easier and soon realized that other people might like to use these tools too. In January 2016 I launched EtsyRank site quietly in beta  in less than 3 months EtsyRank grew to have just over 7,000 members.

About  me (Anthony)

My specialty is Search Engines.  I have been working with search engines and online shopping sites since 1999. I have worked on search algorithms, relevancy testing, search engine optimization, product marketing, researching online purchaser behavior and improving product usability. I won awards for innovation and sales results while working for Microsoft on their Bing Shopping service in Canada.

eRank is free

Keeping  eRank free for users is a conscious decision that I made from the beginning . eRank was not going to be another business that asked struggling Etsy sellers for money.  Instead, it uses an advertising business model to help cover costs, thus keeping  the basics free for Etsy sellers.

eRank PRO

eRank PRO   was introduced to help serious Etsy sellers even more. It will give you additional insight into keywords, rankings and your competition. Keeping in mind that most sellers on Etsy struggle to make ends meet each month, the subscription fee is a very nominal amount to cover these additional tool costs and ongoing development.

Privacy and Data sharing

Please know that we at eRank value your privacy and we will do everything we can to protect and secure any data we collect.  We will not share or distribute your data for any unauthorized purpose.  We will only disclose your data if you authorize us to do so, unless we are otherwise directed to release your information pursuant to a court order, valid subpoena or a properly served police search warrant.  We have also implemented a Privacy Policy and Data Security Plan which complies with EU General Data Protection Regulation and we engage in best practices in our field for storing, securing and archiving your personal information.  If you would like to review our policy further, you can do so by contacting our site administrator.  

What sort of access does eRank have to Etsy shops

eRank uses the Etsy API to access the information that Etsy makes available for developers. eRank does not have the ability to make direct changes to your Etsy shop nor does it have access to your credit card, Paypal account or similar payment information stored in Etsy. eRank has been reviewed by Etsy and can be found in the Etsy App gallery.

What You Should Know

When you connect your Etsy account to eRank , it will have permission to do the following on your behalf:

  • Connect to your account and know your member name
  • Know your email address
  • See your inactive and expired listings
  • See your Etsy profile data
  • See your sales and purchases
  • See your feedback

You can revoke this access at any time by visiting https://www.etsy.com/your/apps.

This information is used by eRank to provide you with tools and features to help you analyze your shop and identify opportunities to help you grow your business.

Anthony Wolf