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Finding Help on eRank

Welcome to eRank! With such a large library of tools, reports, and features, we understand that it's possible to feel overwhelmed at first, so we just want to take a few minutes to point out some of the ways you can get help with using eRank to improve your SEO and grow your Etsy shop.


Putting eRank’s Free Keyword Tool to Work: A Demo

This beginner tutorial will take you step-by-step through how to use eRank’s free Keyword Tool to improve your Etsy shop listings and help them to rank better in search. Bonus! Along the way, you will learn some Etsy “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) basics.


Putting eRank's Keyword Lists to Work: A Demo

I am about to make keyword research on Etsy super easy for you!


Is Amazon Handmade for me?

By now, no doubt you've heard of Amazon Handmade, which launched in October 2015 as a contender for Etsy's market share after Etsy moved away from artisan-crafted handmade. Perhaps you've heard stories – ranging from success to horror – but not yet decided if it's right for you. I've been selling on Amazon Handmade since its launch, and also been on Etsy since 2010, so I hope to help you decide either way.


Look Back Trend Report: May 2019

Ever wonder what the most popular search terms were on Etsy this time last year? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and the timing of your product-line launches with a look back in April 2020 to what keywords and products were trending a year ago in May 2019.


Tool How-To: Spotted on Etsy and Monitor

One of eRank’s most popular features is its Spotted On Etsy listings report, and the related Monitor tool.


10 Common Mistakes Etsy Newbies Make

If I had known all the things I didn’t know when I first started selling on Etsy, I might have run the other way. I’m completely kidding, of course. As challenging as learning to sell on Etsy can be at times, the benefits will far outweigh the effort if you take some time to educate yourself about Etsy and general business best practices.


Beginner’s Guide to Selling Vintage on Etsy

You love hitting yard sales and thrift shops and auctions and you are accumulating all the things.


Black Friday Search Results for Etsy, Amazon and eBay Are In!

And the contrast between Etsy and the other two you can see at a glance! Here are the Top Ten for each:


Keyword Explorer and Other Updates

We've rolled out a range of new features and data to help make eRank's tools more useful for our members wherever they sell online. As of today, you will be able to tell where buyers are shopping, what they are shopping for, and when they are shopping.


Most Searched Keywords on Etsy

Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we're back again to take the guesswork out of your